What is Azuana Games?

Azuana Games is a mobile game that features many of your favorite table games such as Bingo, Dominoes, Chess and Checkers. The main emphasis for Azuana Games is to re-create the games played in Latin America. Many of the games featured on Azuana Games are played in the streets of Latin America. The games all feature multiplayer support so you can play against real people from around the world. You can invite your friends and compete against them!


Classic Bingo

Our Bingo game features a variety of patterns to play. Rooms support a maximum of 100 players, as more players join the room the # of bingos available for payout increases. Bonuses are available for 1st, 2nd and 3rd bingo called.


Players begin with a 2 card limit, as your level increases, you'll be able to purchase more cards. With a whopping 12 card mode available for the most hardcore of Bingo players.

Slot Machine

A Slot Machine, Wild Crowns, is available to play while waiting between rounds! Our slot machine features 1 pay line, crowns are wild, and you can win, coins, tickets or even diamonds!


Boosters are available for purchase in each game. Bingo offers hints, that highlight which card and what number was called, to give you that little extra help. You can also purchase auto-play (auto daubing), which will automatically daub the called number for you.


Latino Dominoes

Our Dominoes game provides latin style team dominoes (2v2). In latin style dominoes you play as teams with different bonuses available depending on the game style.

Game Modes

Dominoes currently offers Dominican style Dominoes. Dominican style Dominoes is played until a team reaches 200 points. There are different bonuses available, such as, entry-pass: where you force the 2nd player of the round to pass, round-pass: where you force each other player to pass, palindrome: where you finish with a non-double tile that can be played on either side.

New game modes will be added, representing each of the styles of play across Latin America.



Our Chess game provides a fast paced chess. Each player has a 5 minute timer. If the time runs out for a player, that player loses automatically.



Our Checkers game provides standard "American" style draughts.